Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Up For Debate

One lives far, the other is local.
I am amused by one, one is amused by me.
One is trying to better himself through education, the other through entrepreneurship.
One always contacts me when he says he will, the other rarely calls when he says he will.
One is a pessimist, one is an optimist.
One is calm, the other not so much.
One can handle heavy drinking and keep his shit together (for the most part, I think), the other is a true alcoholic (who doesn't drink much these days).
I've had only good experiences with one, and the past sometimes makes me weary of the other.
I've made out with one (it was hot), and slept with the other (it was hot).

It's still too early to decide, but there may come a point in the not too distant future when I'll have to make a decision about these two. Who knows, maybe I can go on like this forever... but that's unlikely.
Whatever it is I have with either of them is not even in the realm of real or exclusive dating, but there are no clues as to where we are headed. Do I choose the first one or the second one? Or neither?
I'll probably just wait for a clear sign...or get annoyed with both of them and be done with it.


Pablo said...
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Serial Monogamist said...

Fuck spammers! Rot in hell!

Also, Lamo, I think you should hump both of them.

LaMo said...

Ditto on the spam.

SM, I may do just that. Possibly even this week if I get my way, and I'm pretty sure I'll get my way with at least one of them :)
This lady says, to heck with Friday, I can't wait until Thursday.
Now I'm singing a little humping song in my head...it's a work in progress.

c.vance said...

the potentialities are not weird; being conflicted in monogamy is not weird. that should be on a sister site: everydaydating.com

example of something weird:
i went home with a woman recently who had an enormous distance between clit and hole--- enormous. clit in normal spot then.... i don't know if she had an asshole, it might have been halfway up her back for all i know... it was that weird. and so the entire time she is straddling my face i cannot help but to think, "Lordy Lord, was this once a man?"

just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

C Vance, I'm glad you used this as another platform to talk about yourself and tell weird (and, yawn) stories.


LaMo said...

I disagree. It is weird that we are able to get ourselves into situations where we're trying to have some kind of intimate relationship with somebody who lives hundreds of miles away. This phenomena is made even more ambiguous by the number of ways we have to stay in touch with them. It takes dating to a global level. It also removes the ability for physical closeness; almost like platonic dating.
Your story is about anatomy.

c.vance said...

yes, weird stories...

sorry for trying to keep it on topic.

busta_gonads said...
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busta_gonads said...
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itinerantwoman said...

yes, lamo, but hump the unhumped one first, and let that experience be a deciding factor.

and who's to say what's weird? is the measure of weirdness contingent on strange or revolting body parts? if so, i suppose dating a post-op tranny would be weird--at least in Bend.

i once dated a man who surprised me by suddenly exposing his penis.

said member shared roughly the size, shape and glassy sheen of a bottle of chardonnay, only bigger.

i threw a glass of water in jumbo's face and ran away. [i suspect he may have been cv's tranny (pre-op)]

i guess jumbo was visually strange (and physically impossible); but all things considered, the maintainance of a trusting, joyful monogamous relationship can be weirder. weirder even than genital hugeness or lack of standard hole juxtaposition.

Serial Monogamist said...

Oh, c'mon B. You sure you wouldn't do it too? Maybe buy one flowers and deny it later on?

Nothing to be ashamed of. Ask Marvin Gaye.

busta_gonads said...
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busta_gonads said...
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