Friday, November 21, 2008

Craigslist Personals - You Answered It

**Editors' Note: An anonymous post today about dating online.**

Dating is weird. The weirdness gets brought to a new level when you involve the internet.

But hell, why not give it a shot, right? I have.

And it was fine. Perfectly fine. We exchanged a few emails, we met for a couple of beers and a snack. He was cute enough, decent conversation, but no spark. No problem. Just a decent conversation with someone in town I might not have met otherwise. We even had a few things in common, so we chatted about that.

He was describing a painting he had made years ago. There were a couple of figures, and over them, he had pasted a newspaper clipping.

“Probably some depressing story,” he said, “Or the classifieds or something.”

Thinking of the shit-state of the economy, the lack of “help wanted” ads and the proliferation of people selling off personal possessions in order to stay afloat, I said, “Well, classifieds can be pretty depressing.”

“Yeah,” he said, snickering, “especially the personals.”

Awkward pause.

“Oh, that was bad. Sorry,” he said.

I moved on.

But, please. Are you kidding me? You answered the fucking thing.


Jen said...

Nothing wrong with Craigslist personal ads, that's where I met my current (wonderful) boyfriend. After exchanging emails and chatting a couple times, turns out we lived in the same apartment complex. Two years of living in the same place and we find each other on the internet, weird.

bcb said...

That reminds me of a Liza Minelli song called Ring Them Bells about a woman who traveled the world in search of a lover, only to find one who lived next door to her.

... How sad is it that I know Liza Minelli songs? No wonder I can't get laid.