Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vagina Power

** We don't recommend watching this at work. Or in front of children.


Serial Monogamist said...

I love this woman.

Shiny Rod said...

Finally, the secret of the spot is revealed. Now how bout my mangina?

Doc said...

WOW !!!

Mike Lowrey said...

Awesome clip.

Why the hell are these two old ass heffas talking bout sex and I KNOW neither of these heffas have ever had sex. (unless it was with Stevie Wonder)

The show should have been called Peenith Power cause that's all they talked about!

Awesome quotes:

"He wanna give her a Mouth full of sperm or a rectum full of sperm" (The best line of ALL TIME!!!)

"The penis ejaculated in her brain"

I gotta admit a few things that were true:

My Penis has crazy power.
I do agree that all Penises are not created equal!
Cause the Lawd damn sure outdid himself when he created mine!

She said, "she has a phd in being used by men..." Lol, Did she just admit to being a whore?

I'm mad that ugly old fat heffa said, "I'mma stay on the lookout..." WHY? FOR WHAT?

What Sasquatch is going to try and hit that Wolverine/Hank McCoy looking beast.
If she was Blue or had adamantium claws I would have sworn this clip was from Xmen VI.

LaMo said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike Lowery,

May your balls rot, and may every woman who is ever unfortunate enough to set eyes on you see the pathetic wormdick you really are through the thick fog of Axe body spray.

I'd fuck the shit outta Alyxxs. You know you couldn't handle it.

Elly Lou said...

You seriously just made my day. I muth sthpread the word regarding peenith power.

Mike Lowrey said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm confused why a person without balls is worried about mine.

Trust me, I'm not some dude running around starving for sex. My life is better than good.

I know damn well you would fuck her, desperate dudes WILL fuck anything.


P.S. after you hit puberty and your balls drop, maybe then you can stop being Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why you think I'm a dude, Mike, but you can still suck it.

That woman is hawt, and rad, and you're neither.

Jeev said...

Predator Mode!!!