Monday, November 28, 2011

Blondie and the hottie from the gym

** Today we have a guest post from Blondie, who has agreed to share some of her dating adventures in the city. Like some people we know (ahem) Blondie is enjoying a fairly fresh foray into singledom, making good use of the wonders and joys of the Internet. ***

Friday night was supposed to be my dating night off. Thursday night I had been with a couple I see, and I had a date on Saturday with a guy I've been seeing for a little while - so Friday I was going relax and give my "body" a rest.

I ended up going out to the bars with a couple friends. The plan was just to have a beer or two, go home and watch a movie. Well, I get to the bar and we hang out a bit and I realize that this guy who I've had a massive crush on at the gym is there. Not some guy I've seen - but a hot 6 foot 7 inch tall basketball player I've been watching while I cool down on the track for the last 5 years.

I tell my friend the story and he talks me into talking to the guy. Long story short - I talk to him and end up going home with him that night. Yep - I got to sleep with my gym crush. But that's not all.

Side note - this gym guy ends up not being very bright. It was an interesting situation for me - I felt like one of those guys who sleeps with hot dumb chicks. While we were hanging out post sex, I was found myself having an internal debate about hotness vs. intellect. Does his hotness make up for lack of smarts? Would I ever dare bring this guy around my friends? Would I be comfortable keeping a guy around for sex just because he was hot, even if he wasn't that interesting to talk to? (I appreciate that this might make me sound like an asshole but I have smart friends and they would call me out on this.)

But, the sex is fun, I have a good time. And, oddly, after sex, he hung out completely naked until I left. He was up walking around, doing all kinds of things. I thought it was cool how comfortable he was, most guys throw on a pair of boxers or something. Though I guess I could have done without him leaving the door open and looking at and speaking to me while he pissed.

As we're hanging out afterwards, he asks if I want to spend the night. I say no because, quite frankly, his apartment was kind of a shit-hole. I don't quite understand how a 32-year-old guy with a professional-type job could live like that. Anyway, I say no thanks and go home at about 3:30am or so. When I got home, I sent him a text saying I made it home safely. He didn't text back until the next day, but this is the conversation:

Me - I made it home safely.

Him - Who is this?

Me - Uh ... Blondie. The girl you slept with last night.

Him - Haha, no seriously, who is this?

Me - I am serious. Don't you remember?

Him - I'm in Seattle with my fiance. I think you have the wrong number

Me - HA! You're right. Wrong number. That's hilarious.


It turns out that I don't have the right phone number for this guy. He just gave me his number, I didn't give him mine. So now, not only did I hook up with the hot dumb guy, but I'm the one who never called again. Part of me feels a tad bad about that, but part of me thinks it's a little funny, if a bit of a bummer because I would like the option of sleeping with him again ... but c'est la vie.


KT said...

I called an ex recently to let him know that while I'm not interested in dating him I like the sex and would he be open to just having sex with me versus dating? We tried but he thought it was a secret ploy of mine to date again, which he was what he was hoping I meant.
I totally understand hot dumb guys and good sex.
Can't you find him at the gym again?

Miz Aventures said...

Do you think he gave you the wrong number on purpose? I have absolutely no tolerance for dumb - but I's so hard when dumb is wrapped up in an exterior of hot.

Anonymous said...

You'll see him again at the gym, won't you? You can explain that you lost his number then.

Male Escort said...

The next time you meet him at the gym, give him a full wide blow!!!!! Its irritating when dumbness is hidden behind the mesmerizing traits of hotness!!

Rob Morgan said...

I would be really pissed off if someone gave me a wrong number on purpose...Even if it was just for good sex only..

You will just have to get hold of him next time you see him in the gym!

Treasia said...

My first thought when I read this was wondering if the hot guy deliberately gave you the wrong number? Either way I think it is kinda funny because now that has solved the problem of whether you will sleep with him again or not. LOL

Parents Dating said...

I guess its not intentionally giving your a wrong phone number expect its part of him not been smart.

I know you will still like to have a date with him because his hotness supersede its dullness lol...

Dating profiles sale said...

Do you think he offered you the incorrect variety on purpose? I have definitely no building up a tolerance for stupid - but I's so challenging when stupid is covered up in an external of hot. I known as an ex lately to let him know that while I'm not considering relationship him I like the sex and would he be start to just having sex with me compared to dating? We tried but he believed it was a key scheme of my own currently again, which he was what he was expecting I recommended.
Um, no. It's just a sex.I completely comprehend hot stupid folks and excellent sex. Can't you discover him at the gym again?

Katie M said...

Man, I wish I could sleep with my gym crush! You lucky girl, haha. But I completely understand your debate between deciding if his looks or sex are good enough to counter the fact that he is not an intelligent person. Sometimes you just need to have a stimulating conversation! It sounds like you had enough other options going on that your one time escapade can be kept as so and it won't be too bad for you.I'm with Miz Aventures though- do you know if he gave you the wrong number on purpose? Oh well, it's over and done.

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Longdawg said...

just loved this post,...i got hassled for having this train of thought about gurls,..its nice to see that this flows both ways :)

Anonymous said...

Can't help but wonder if the other guy you were seeing has any idea you are out sleeping with other men. Not that it should be up to him or anything but he should be informed as it would determine his interest in seeing you furhter.

Brody said...

That's funny. I think women generally care more about the intellect part of the equation but I guess hotness usually wins out for casual encounters of either sex.