Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quote of the day

Up for discussion. About hot chicks:

"People call us sluts because, being ugly, they have no idea how difficult it is to resist fucking good-looking people."

Credit Xiaxue.


evelynnash said...

I don't think "slut" is a bad word, and I don't blame anyone for being one. I figure that if I'M offered it as much as I am, imagine how tempting it must be for people who don't just attract the attention of nerds.

itinerantwoman said...

a "slut" is a woman with the morality of a man.

Serial Monogamist said...

Right. Women don't tend to get away with fucking like men. Whatever.

c.vance said...

that's because there can be a beauty and a sense of enchantment applied to women---

they can be unpossessable creatures in the stories so often told about them; even if no man has quite seen Helen, they've seen faces that would be worth launching 1/100th of the ships for them... and that's closer than we get to most myths. i lit a bird on fire and watched it fly but it was never reborn... beauty is the only myth we have left.

beauty and enchantment die when the reality of women is shown--- it doesn't matter if you know a woman to be a whore, until you see who she has been with. then she's just another slut who has made too many mistakes--- and deities do not make mistakes so the altar of beauty is tarnished. i think it tarnishes faster with each word she lets escape her body, but knowing she settled upon men less worthy than you makes you feel like just another vagrant worshipper in the adytum of beauty, drinking tainted holy water from the spring between her legs... it's a big drop from the feeling she made you feel just a moment before: being the almost-god priest, the sole attention in the temple.

it doesn't make sense to you, i know. you are a woman--- you think about income and orgasms when you see men. say what you will about my gender, but at least we are attracted to attractive things.

so, i guess what i'm saying: it's okay for ugly women to be sluts.

itinerantwoman said...

i do believe i'd like to slap you for that comment. but have no fear. i've been told i slap most beautifully: a graceful, sweeping backhand.

Serial Monogamist said...

Income and orgasms? I also think about tools and douchebags. Sometimes I think about razor blades and tridents. But my vagina must be out of sync with the moon or some bullshit like that, right?

I assume c.vance would know, he the all-knowing. Perhaps we should build a shrine.