Friday, August 8, 2008

Do I Get To Be the Pitcher or Catcher?

No joke, a guy left the above note on my windshield at the gym a few days ago. It reads:

"Dude - Couldn't help but notice you as you parked here - Nice. If you interested in some discreet masculine hot man to man .... 350-xxxx"

So I've never been hit on by a dude before. How do you figure out who takes it and who gives it? Does the upside down carrot insertion of "masculine" mean he wants to do me in the butt? Or does that after-thought addition mean I get to be the pitcher?

I dunno. I've never really been into felching.


Adam said...

FYI - Generally only "breeders" use the metaphor of "Pitcher" and "Catcher."

Us homos pretty much use the "top", "bottom", or "Versatile" labels.

Serial Monogamist said...

Um, just because he said "hot" doesn't mean he meant "hot stinky yogurt in your mouth." Maybe he just wants to give you a beej. And hey, he works out, so it's not likely this is, like, Comic Book Guy suggesting a tryst. He could be a super sexy 'mo.

Anonymous said...

FYI Adam - You're a fucking retard. "Breeders"? If you're going to play such a cliche version of the Homo, get over the metaphor of pitcher and catcher.

Serial Monogamist said...

Adam, I don't think you're a fucking retard. I wonder who pissed in those anonymous cheerios this morning?