Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was visiting a friend on the east coast recently, and since my galpal wasn't on vacation, I found myself going out on the town solo a couple of nights.

One night I met a friendly young thing, cute enough, and I thought I might like to spend a little more time with him. But just having met the fellow, I didn't feel comfortable bringing him back to my girlfriend's house. The next morning, after I got back from his place, I was telling her later about this trouble I ran into. She pointed out to me that maybe there was something funny in that I wouldn't, like, "vouch for the guy," and bring him over to her house, but that I was perfectly willing to let him get to know my vagina.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, since when did your Vagina stop becoming so sacred? Is it kinda like a carwash or something?
Oh, nevermind I'm sure the residual alcohol in your system killed any lingering viruses like herpes or HIV, and surely killed any crabs maybe crawling around.

S.G.Loughlin said...

"get to know my vagina."



June said...

Oh, come on Anon. Sacred? Puh-lease.

Here's an idea, do a quick search on this cool thing called the interwebs, there are books and essays on there on feminism and sexuality.

But I don't know, maybe you like your double standards and antequated views?

Anonymous said...

Feminism = one-night stands?

Serial Monogamist said...

Wait, wait, seriously? Was she saying feminism = one night stands?

I don't for sure, but I will say I never hear anyone saying "Since when did your penis stop being sacred?"

June said...

Feminism = Women being able to make adult decisions about whom they fuck without being compared with Madonna or a whore.

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