Friday, May 22, 2009

Inside jokes

This is kind of insider baseball, but maybe it'll amuse someone. This is a note to my best friend, one of the sexiest women on the planet:

"So we were just having dinner with The New One's roommate (and his tiny son, Twain, who I think has a major crush on me), and the convo turned to exchange students. We talked about the Japanese kid who kept on saying, "Howdy partner" and the eastern european girl who cried when she had her first root beer float. Then I told them about the German kid who I was stoked to make out with until he asked me to "teach (him) the ways of the American woman," at which point I was all, "uhh ... way to ruin the makeout sesh, dude," and then I left and re-joined you and Noah in the party room.

Then I admitted to the boys that it was, as far as I remember, the one time a dude we both wanted picked me over you. Finally, 15 years later, I got it.

"Yeah. The fucking German kid picked the blonde with tits over the redheaded Jew. Go figure."


Anonymous said...

For some reason I've completely forgotten this. Maybe the sting of being rejected made me forget? -j

Serial Monogamist said...

Wouldn't surprise me if that were the case. You were kind of pissy about it. Not as pissy as crazypuddingface, though.