Thursday, August 25, 2011

And I Wonder Why I'm Single

Tonight I had a First Phone Call with a guy I met on Plenty of Fish. In the course of this 30 minute or so call, I subconsciously did several things that, upon retrospection, don't really scream, "This chick is a keeper!"

- I started the conversation with a sports question. This I blame on nerves - he was watching a baseball game earlier and I was grasping for a topic. However, I failed to steer the topic away from sports and instead opined at length about My Favorite Local Sports Team which, I should add, is a rival of His Team. I can only suppose this may place me in "one of the guys (who pulls for the wrong team)" territory.

- Though he knew I'd been baking all night, I failed to use this as an opportunity to extol the virtues of my buttercream or emphasize my domestic goddess status and take-me-home-to-momma qualities. Every smart girl knows that men's hearts and stomachs are truly linked, but we Southern girls are trained to home in on this weakness. Fail #2.

- I complained about my job and how little money I make. Yeah, I tried to joke about it, but it's just not a smart topic of conversation. What's next, how I've been constipated the past few days?

- As I pulled into the driveway of my house, I exclaimed, "Oh, Dad's still up! I should probably go say good night." He already knew I live at home, and I was kinda looking for a way to end the call. But still, it cant feel good to be met with the equivalent of "No, dude, I can't talk to you anymore because DADDY!"

- I had a conversation with my cat. Okay, really I just said, "hi, sweet man." But I said it with the phone to my ear and in mid-conversation. When dude said, "huh," I said, "Oh, just talking to my cat." I think that to most of the US's male population, that translates to something like "SCARY WEIRD FREAKSHOW RUUUUN!" But I could be wrong. Still, Kitty and I are a package deal, as The Girl Next Door likes to remind me. But hey, she's a crazy cat lady, too.

So, upon further reflection, maybe my subconscious is telling me that I am not or should not be into this guy. Any amateur psychoanalysts care to translate?



Miz Aventures said...

LOL! I'm sure you are over analyzing! Remember, this is a man you are talking about. They only hear every third word anyway.

Anonymous said...

If you are skinny a guy will interpret every mistake you make and awkward thing you do as endearing. Well, at least I would.

"Slightly Disheveled" said...

I totally agree with Miz... and if they haven't asked you out on a date right away you should probably toss them back into "Plenty of Fish" and call it a night. I think that getting "face time" is more important than calls any old day.

UK Dating Reviews said...

Interesting... lol being the first date.
"Every smart girl knows that men's hearts and stomachs are truly linked" Indeed!!


Hahahaha! Online dating is so weird sometimes.

africa dating said...

For me, I like being single because I can do whatever I want, I can live young,wild and free lol.

Since it's your first date well it's natural that there are lots of overreacting thoughts that comes into your mind because your not not that pretty sure of the certain person and you feel uncomfortable and that someone is pretty weird type of guy.

It's just natural for the first impression but if you know already each other well for sure you will end up a good friend or more who knows? It's really an interesting blog.. thanks for sharing this stuff.

Brody said...

Wow. I'd say you definitely must not be ready for dating yet. I don't recommend online dating in general but make sure you really know what you want so you will do good next time!