Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Can't Make You Love Me If You Don't

A few months ago my long-term boyfriend and I split because I decided to move to a different state for a job. He's the best man you could ever ask for and my heart still hurts when I think about the decision. Ever notice how when you first break your heart, it's this intense, all-consuming sort of emotional pain? I'm from Wisconsin and like most solid Mid-Westerners, we swallow our emotions well. Maybe I'm just actually emotionally delayed, but lately the heart break is this constant ache that wasn't there a few months ago. Music has been a huge solace and this video I found today has been on repeat all day. Bon Iver is a good Wisconsin boy so I have extra love for him.


Serial Monogamist said...

Heartbreak is the worst. And it hurts even when you're the one doing the heartbreaking. For a long while after I broke up with Poster Boy, any sort of heartsick song would make my eyes well up. I have a very distinct memory of the song ain't no sunshine when she's gone coming on the radio in the first week after I moved out. I lost it.

And I luvs bon iver. That's some nice falsetto, boy.

Anonymous said...

I only found this today after a year of searching. I had my ex leaveme after 16 years fo monogamous realtion witha short statement "I dont Love you" imagine that and no reason said she was tired of doing the right thing? WHAT IS THAT? well I lost it and it has taken me four years to get back to stable Ground and i am moving on.