Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More on staying friends with exes

A recent text conversation:

"I'll be home at 7 lover."

"I'm not your lover."


"Check your outbox. You sent me a message clearly not intended for me."

"Oh, sorry. Don't know how that happened."



Shiny Rod said...

Always keep those lines of communication open. Never know when you may need quick date.

f1trey said...

you must be perfect...enjoy a lonely life......

Serial Monogamist said...

What the shit are you talking about, Trey?

Anonymous said...

Probably referring to your snide tone. Tends to be offputting.

Serial Monogamist said...

Snide tone? How about playful? Poster Boy wasn't offended or put off. I think his exact response was "Turd."

Methinks someone's projecting.

Your Newest Facebook Friend, Trying to Remain the Tiniest Bit Anonymous said...

The other week, I got a text from the guy I have a crush on at work (and who I swear has a crush on me) telling me that he had had a great time that night. It was meant for the girl he had just gone on a first date with, which I knew about because he had asked me that day where he should go on his first date with the girl.

I wrote back and told him that yeah, I had really enjoyed my night of watching The Da Vinci Code on TV alone, too. My boyfriend was out of town for the week, though, so I sort of appreciated the attention.