Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going Out on St. Patty's Day

**Editors' Note: Today's guest post come in from "Terry Tucker" who sent us The Perfect First Date a few weeks ago. Thanks Terry!**

Driving downtown, I spot my ex-boss walking on the sidewalk. Should let it go, but I can’t. Later I call him on the cell, ask how it’s going. Tell him I saw him walking downtown, why don’t we get together and catch up….how about St. Patty’s day?.......been awhile.

Quite a while…..we did not part on good terms. In fact he fired me for insubordination, and I wonder what in the world I’m doing…..asking him out, wanting to see him again. Chance to clear things up? Always a lot of sexual tension between us. Or maybe just tension….we disagreed on politics and just about everything else…..the way we saw the world. But he was good looking, and flaunted it, and so did I…….flirting and sexual double entendres were part of the daily routine. Going with a biker at the time, so it never came to anything.

Still irked me the way he fired me. Had a dentist’s appointment on Friday afternoon at 2. The doctor’s office was on the other side of town, so I planned to take the rest of the afternoon off, not come back. No way, he said. Would not budge, even when I explained it. When I returned to the office the next Monday morning, he had me clean out my desk (hovering above) and walked me to the door. My last memory of him was a smirk on his face. No wonder I felt conflicted about this date. He should have been working for me, when I thought about it.

We had dinner at McCormick’s…..on the way back I suggested stopping and getting hammered at an Irish pub, not far from where I lived. Actually, it was a bikers’ bar called Duffy’s, Irish in name only. A couple guys at the bar greeted me as we walked in. He said something about it as we slid into the booth. I nodded……”yeh, used to come here a lot with my ex, he practically lived here.”

“Still does,” I added. He turned and surveyed the room. His eyes landed on the surly guy behind the pool table with a cue stick in his hand. Who glared back and held eye contact. As my ex slowly sauntered over to our table, cue stick in hand, I felt the urge to go. “Going to the girl’s room,” I said. When I came back out, both of them were gone. Ditto for the other pool player. I walked over to the bar and order a beer. Time to figure out a way to get home.


Serial Monogamist said...

Terry, I'm afraid you trust too much in the interwebs' intuitive reading skills.

Are you saying your ex boyfriend took your ex boss, whom you were out on a date with even though you hadn't spoken since he fired you, out back of a bar and "disappeared" him with the help of a buddy?

Did you plan that whole thing out?

LaMo said...

Your disappearing date aside, I have to say the first part of your story upset me.
DIW readers, do you know that the occurrence of young girls being sexually harassed at work is bordering on out of control? It's because they don't know any better and don't want to lose their jobs, but it's also because some men don't seem to have any boundaries, especially in the workplace.It doesn't help that there are women out there making the men think that the behavior is OK.
Terry, you flirting with your boss at work and making your "sexual double entendres" is totally inappropriate. You both need a lesson in acceptable workplace behavior. Neither of you should think that it's OK to behave like that at work.

(see me now jumping off my high horse and reminding myself that this is a dating blog, not a soapbox)

Anonymous said...

@ LaMo's soapbox: Puh-lease. The one I'm in now is my first job ever in which sexual tension is not the MO.

I think maybe LaMo's never worked in a restaurant. Or retail.

"Slightly Disheveled" said...

For some reason I re-read this with Terry as a guy and it was much more interesting. Especially the girl's room in a gay biker bar part.

Boss-dating should be avoided, but Boss-flirting is permitted. It only when you get stuck in the creepy guy at the bar scenario with a boss that it gets ick.

Anonymous said...

It's not my site, but you should check out lol... the true title is: I bang the worst dudes (Sorry, mom)

LaMo said...

Anon: I'm glad you found a job without the sexual tension. I'm not glad that you're willing to go along with the "that's just the way it is" attitude. That's the female motto of the 50's.

Anonymous said...

It's not a "just the way it is" attitude, it's a "it can be fun and make work more bearable" attitude.