Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dating Is Weird Gets Reviewed!

So it's happened. A self-described "critical blog analysis" blog-review blog reviewed us. Wha? Yeah, exactly. A blog about blogs reviewed our blog. Stupid blogosphere.

But get this! They didn't like us.

They said things like:

"The main problem is that the stories aren't crazy or over the top enough. I know some really strange stuff happens in the world of dating, I just know it! It's just not getting reported, obviously. The sort of stuff you'll find on Dating is Weird is your average, every-day kind of weirdness. Yes, the stories are strange... But they're very believable. When I read a blog like this I wanna be like 'He did what!?' and 'She touched what!?' and 'No way!'"

They also said, "This blog journals hundreds of strange / bizarre / funny / 'zazzy' dating stories."

First of all, what the fuck is zazzy? Does anyone know? Can someone help me out? Cause maybe I'm so boring and lame and too believable to know what zazzy implies.

And secondly, hundreds? Um no. We just broke 100 stories here at Dating Is Weird. If you're going to review a blog critically, get your facts right. Maybe I'm just a stickler for accuracy, call me General Eric Shinseki, but it's not hard to count to 100. I just did and it only took a minute.

And finally (though I could go on) if the stories here are the "average, every-day kind of weirdness" of dating, thank fucking god I'm not dating you Drew. Because pissing the bed, farting while going down on a girl, going on a date with a homeless bum and shitting in the hood of your ski suit while trying to pick up a snow bunny are NOT average, every day type of events.

Thanks for the review though!

P.S. In the email he sent me, he said and I quote verbatim, "Your blog has been reviewed! Again, I wouldn't take the review too seriously. Enjoy"

Good thing even they don't take themselves seriously.


Guilherme said...

Well, I am a new comer here... I started reading DatingIsWeirds last month, and I hadn't read the piss story or the fart one. After reading these, I have something good to say: this blog treats dating in the best way possible: sometimes it is awesome; sometimes it is just normal (by the way, Strictly Business is fantastic); and sometimes your girl pees in her pants during the night (WOW). Isn't dating exactly this? Apart from Mr/Mrs Drew, I congratulate these blogers!!!

Keep writing your stories!!!

Serial Monogamist said...

Uhh ... the stories are too believable? Maybe because we don't make them up.

Also, zazzy sounds like a 1930s slang term. Like, "Cat, that doll gives the best zazzy this side of zoot suit alley!" But since it's an adjective, I'm going to bet that they mean zany/sassy. You know, like me. I'm just so zazzy!

dereconstructed said...

That's such a strange review. How could these stories be "run of the mill" or whatever they said? I'm thankful every time that I read one of these that I'm not currently dating.

"Slightly Disheveled" said...

Critical. Blog. Analysis. Love the check mark. WOW. He's a grunt with a punt. His looks worse than the design work on the evening news.

"Blog Review brings you the hard-hitting, nail-biting, paradigm-shattering reviews that you crave always."

The rest of his "About" section is just as blissful.

Already Here said...

Yeah yeah. Critics are called such for a reason. Who wants to read something that's full of praise? That would turn readers away from their own site toward more interesting sites. This is an interesting one, needless to say. The poop-filming one had me rolling. If dating gets any more weird than this, it's got to be fiction. Keep to your guns, Laughlin!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is 'Drew' anyway? The Blog Master?... yeah Master of his own universe! He sounds like he needs to watch more Jerry Springer reruns. Your readers and contributers are your true critics. Well done on providing a public space for us all to share our experiences and points of view on one of the bizaarest human past-times...Dating. Sincerely,
a former roomie :)

itinerantwoman said...

a few years back, i warned a client (i was rewriting her seminar presentation) that we'd have to eliminate the word "pizazz" from the damned thing, or i'd quit, give her the sweeping backhand to the chops, or both.

i fear "zazzy" is derivitive of pizazz, which makes me just about gag.

AGentleman! said...

I don't mean to be rude (which is a prelude to actually being rude), but does anyone on this blog have a functioning brain stem? The blog review website is obviously a parody website, in the same vein as Maddox and It isn't meant to be taken seriously, Mr. Harris even mentions that it shouldn't be. The problem is that you take offense at the fact that someone has a different opinion than you. Grow up, and take a joke. If you can't laugh at anything, I hope you have a fun time writing bad poetry in your studio apartment. And to Mr Harris, I have this to say; good for you, that you have found a person perverted enough to make the acts portrayed in this blog seem tame to you. Kudos.

annoyed said...

You know, I'm sorry to say this, but you're all really fucking stupid. Actually, you know what, I'm not sorry at all. You take his site seriously? Have you actually read any of it? It says on his profile that he's been blogging since age 2, and that he was an enemy blog analyst for the US army. IT'S A FUCKING JOKE. And to Anonymous (under Already Here): indeed, this blogs readers are its true critics, and you've proven they're all idiots. Congratulations. Hope you're proud of yourself.

Serial Platonicist said...

All Ya'll

I can't stand stupid people.

I got a NERF sniper rifle that has been modded to the point of insanity. It could totally take out each and everyone of you.

Jocelyn said...

I have only been a reader for a few weeks, but this is by far my new favorite blog. i think that the stories are HILARIOUS, and I like that they are "believable" because it's much funnier that they are true. You guys are awesome; keep it up!!

Emily said...

i read a few of his reviews. he's an idiot and he uses bad grammar. i give him 1/8th out of 1 star. (seriously, who uses a 2 star rating system?)

Serial Monogamist said...

Who's offended by douchey McBlogreviewer, doucheball? No one. Not anyone who matters, anywhoo.

Smart people can talk shit about shit that's not serious, and still be smart, dumdummikins.

So take that, shove it in a balloon, and stick it up your bumbum. Then choke on it.

Then, please write about that act, and write it up on your own gentlemanly blog,

The Spandex King said...

@Serial Monogamist

Are you drunk, stoned, or just plain stupid? Nothing's wrong with being any of those things, mind you, it's just that being impaired with just one of those conditions means that you should not write, well, anything.

Wishing everyone the best,
The Anonymous Commentator

Anonymous said...

This is horrible.

I can't believe that people are trolling this issue. Can't AGentleman!, annoyed, Serial Platonicit, and The Spanxed King find anything better to do with their time then mock a blog that they don't even read? It botherss me that these are so cruel for no apparent reason. This is why something should be done to prevent anonymous posters from destroying this blogs community.

Anonymous said...

Did you ask him to review you or did he just pick your blog?

Serial Monogamist said...


: Drunk

S.G.Loughlin said...

I must say the funniest thing yet is the "anonymous" commenter two anonymous comments above decrying anonymous comments.

The whole blog review reviewing our blog was worth it.

And please everyone, let's be civil and polite. There's enough hatred and cruelty in the world and on the news without bringing it here. If you're going to criticize, be intelligent and witty. Fourth grade insults of assholes and douchebags are a bit played out, wouldn't you agree?

"Slightly Disheveled" said...

The Mastermind is a 19-year-old student in SW Wisconsin ...and with street cred like that I'm sure he'll go far. He knows so much and has been around the block a few times (I mean that literally) that he will eventually maybe even visit Canada. He has horrible design sense.

None of us are taking him seriously.

James Harmison said...
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