Thursday, April 16, 2009

Her Skeletons in the Closet Aren't Dead

**Editors' Note: Today's guest post comes in from a guy who asked to be anonymous. Fair enough anon..**

Just one really. He's definitely alive and kicking, sending her emails of his love. Emails full of shit metaphors about that profoundly deep love of his. How do I know? Because I read them.

I fucking read her email.

Yep. I sunk that low and violated her trust and privacy.


She feels that way for him. But also feels that way for me. She's even told him as much. But she's also told him that she shies away from looking at her feelings for him, doesn't want to look at her late night wondering if they'll ever be together. Has carnal dreams of him.

I hate skeletons. Especially when they're still alive and sharing the bed with you and your new girlfriend.

I hate that I read her email. That I didn't trust her enough. That I wasn't confident enough. That I found what I was looking for.


Lou Who said...

You remind me of someone I once dated and a song by Garbage with the line "better off dumb" in it that might sum things up for you. I'm sorry that you found what you were looking for. There's really only room for one of you in her bed. Be sure that you want to be that person.

June said...

That's what you were looking for? That she has feelings for someone else, but refuses to act on them? Sounds like she's kind of awesome, actually. Immature, yes, but so are you.

I've had trust issues, and I wish to god that all I found were some un-acted-upon feelings. But once you go there, once you start peeking, it becomes compulsive. Especially if you find something you don't like.

You'll do it again.

itinerantwoman said...

June is right; you will do it again.

when you snoop, you always find at least a piece of what you're looking for, and once found, you'll see other pieces everywhere.

searching for painful information is masochism disguised as curiosity. good luck.

Kiki said...

I admit I have snooped on people in the past. I felt I had reason. I always found what I was looking for and when I didn't I became more frantic that I was looking in all the wrong places.

The truth is:: when you go looking you will ALWAYS find something. Those relationships ended because of either what I found (like gay porn addiction) or because they found out I snooped.

Good Luck!!

Daniel said...

Snooping is a relationship killer. If you contemplate it, you better accept that odds are your relationship is going to be toast, either from what you found or if the other person finds out what you did (I know that is was a big factor in one of my past relationships).